N. 4 – 2005 – CV

Alexei S. Kartsov

А. С. Карцов



Personal  Data

Born: Leningrad (USSR) 5.08.1970. Citizenship: Russia (Russian Federation)


Current Position: St.Petersburg State University, Faculty of International Relations, Department of European Studies, associate professor.


Speciality: Jurisprudence



1987-1992 — graduate  of St.Petersburg (former - Leningrad) State University. Law Faculty. Specialisation in Theory of Law.

1987 – 1993 - graduate of St.Petersburg (former - Leningrad) State University. Faculty of History. Specialisation in Modern History.


Academic degree and appointments:

Ph.D. in Political science

Ph.D. in Philosophical science

Ph.D. in Historical science



36 publications including articles, conference papers etc.


Present Addresses:

Home: Baikonurskaya str.,19-1- 170 St.Petersburg, 197227 Russia Phone: (7-812) 394-41-67

Office: Entrance VIII, Smolny street, 1/3, St. Petersburg 191060, Russia. Tel: +7-812-576-4229; Fax: +7-812-5766582; kartsov@mail.ru