ds_gen N. 6 – 2007 – CV

Alexander Y. Zezekalo





Born in Tomsk, USSR, May 08, 1974.



Philology, Katanov State University of Khakassia (1997).

Legal Science, Tomsk State University (2002).


Current position

Senior lecturer; Katanov State University of Khakassia; Institute of History and Law, Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure.


Outline of recent studies and interests of research

Legal transactions. Invalidity of legal transactions in Roman and contemporary civil law. Disputable issues of the law of obligations.

Title of the Ph. D. Research: Error by Committing Legal Transaction: European Legal Doctrine and Contemporary Russian Law.


Scientific works and publications

A number of articles and conference papers published in Russia and abroad in Russian, English and German. Some published scientific translations into Russian from German and English.


Home address

st. K. Perekreschenko, 6-127 – Abakan, 655010, Russia.


Contact information

Home: (+7-3902 23-42-22 - Cell. +7 902 467 9779 – E-mail: a857400@mail.ru