N. 8 – 2009 – Bibikov-CV


Michail Bibikov



Prof.Dr. Michael Bibikov, Rusakovskaya 27-24, Moscow 107113 Russia  //  Tel.007499/2643105, Fax. 007495/9382288, E-mail: mbibikov@mail.ru . Born 15.02.1951 in Moscow/Russia; nationality _ Russian.


Present positions:

a) Rector and Professor at the State Academic University for Humanities

b) Professor, Main Researcher at the Institute of World History of Russian Academy of Sciences

c)Professor, Director of the Chair at Moscow State “M.Lomonosov” University


Office address: Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of World History, Leninsky prosp., 32 A  Moscow Russia, Tel. 007495/9381908


Other positions:

1991 until now – Secretary General, then Vice-President of Russian National Committee of Byzantine Studies 

1987-2006  – Member of International Scientific Committee of the Istituto di storia economica “Francesco Datinni” (Prato, Italy)

 1993-1996 –  Member of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Business History

1982 – 1991 – Member of Winkelmann-Society (Germany)

1982 until now – Member of the Bureau of the Alexader-von-Humboldt-Stiftung Club (Moscow-Bonn).

1994 until now – Member of the Association of the Fellows of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (Wassenaar, the Netherlands).


Annual Conferences and lectures in Prato and Rome (Italy), Tartu (Estonia), Muenster, Goetinghen, Leipzig, Trier, Muenchen, a.o. (Germany), Paris (France), London, Cambrige, Oxford (UK), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Athens, Tessalonice (Greece), Leuven (Belgium), Beiging, Shanghai (China), Dehli (India), Pretoria (South Africa), a.o.

Conferences and Congresses in Washigton D.C. (USA), Vienna (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark), Praha (Czech Rep.), Tbilisi (Georgia), Buenos-Aires (Argentina) a.o.

Communications and papers at the Congress of CISH: 1970 – Moscow, 1985 – Stuttgart, 1990 – Madrid, 1995 – Montreal, 2000 – Oslo, 2005 – Sydney.


Moscow, July 2009.